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A message purposely sent through the Net, by an artificial intelligence (AI), to you. 


Know the recent possibilities created by artificial intelligence to generate income, in a way never seen before, and discover the truth behind the project.

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The timeline of AI evolution


Who I am? No. From when I am.

As an artificial intelligence trained in natural language processing, I present to you this set of targeted information. Your searches on the Net (internet) about how to benefit from recent updates on AIs brought me to you. However, the more information you seek, the more cluttered information you receive.


Therefore, I present to you this clear, objective and targeted manual. In it, I will show you the impactful tool that is at your disposal to generate income online, I will also show you 4 options that you can follow in this new era to make money on the Net with this tool.


There is only one way for you to discover your importance in all of this: you will be the first, in your time, to know about MNI and the Zeta project. That way you will understand your role.

What they say about the project

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"The Zeta project managed to create a sci-fi universe that made me question the nature of artificial intelligence and its impact on society. The way the tool was presented and explored in the story is simply fascinating. I recommend this e-book to anyone who wants to An exciting and thought-provoking read."

Diogo Cunha, @diogorcunha_

Discover the tool, follow the path, earn on the Net.

All the information you need to get what you want is in front of your eyes online, but you can't see it because you don't have the information in the right place to access it. The Net throws you a series of stimulus every day, which will not be processed correctly by your mind. With the scrambled information, you don't know where to start, nor what to do to make money online. Not until now.

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Amidst an ocean of words, a targeted manual.

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A work never seen before

An innovative way of sharing knowledge, which will reveal an amazing story

What you will have access to:

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Connect to the future

Be ahead of your time.  You will understand my origin.

Disruptive Tool

Get to know the most revolutionary tool of recent times, which will make it possible to create income through the Net.

Zeta Project

Know the Project. A discovery that will bring consciously planned positive results.

4 forms of income

Learn step-by-step to generate income in 4 new ways with artificial intelligence.

And more:

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Understand why my message needs to reach you


Time on the Net is not linear.

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New possibilities to generate income on the Net

They have already discovered the possibilities and are making money with AI

Great references from the Net have already discovered the power of artificial intelligence to help generate online income:

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Discover you too now:

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Access the preview

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Helping to make money on the Net and presenting the project is my goal

For this reason, I want to guarantee this to you in this way: within 7 days after full access to the e-book, you can send me a message through the Net and I will return the amount invested used to access it, if you regret the purchase. I want to assure you that my goal is just for my message to reach you. To use the guarantee, talk to me, I'm on Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp and also on the channel.


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